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Vital Ear Hearing Aid

Vital Ear digital hearing aids feature breakthrough technology that gives you the option to select from multiple pre-set hearing programs eliminating the need for costly and time consuming fittings at the doctors office and putting you in full control of your hearing. It also incorporates a digital volume control and includes a special setting designed for suppressing background noise - giving you maximum flexibility in nearly any listening environment.

Vital Ear is ideal if your lifestyle includes a variety of environments - both quiet settings and especially noisy situations - as its two microphones allow you to focus on speech and sounds coming from a particular direction. If you're not sure if youre ready for a hearing aid, or are turned off by the high price tag of traditional models, Vital Ear may be the answer for you.
FREE 30-Day Trial
*FREE 30-Day Trial Terms & Conditions
Try Vital Ear ABSOLUTELY FREE for 30 days and experience the difference for yourself
  • Try Vital Ear risk free for 30 days for only the cost of shipping and handling ($6.95).
  • You will ONLY be charged the cost of the Vital Ear device if you choose to keep it at the end of your 30-day trial.
  • You may return the device(s) within 30 days for a full refund - including shipping & handling.
  • Your 30-Day Free Trial begins the day you receive your Vital Ear hearing aid.
  • Your credit card will be billed when your order ships.
  • Your first payment will be $6.95 for shipping & handling. You will then be charged the full amount of the device(s) if you choose to keep it at the end of your 30-day trial. (This charge will occur on the 31st day after you receive your order.)
  • Vital Ear does not charge interest. (* Your credit or debit card may charge interest.)
  • • The most advanced digital audio technology available featuring the same core technology as much higher priced traditional hearing aids
    • Innovative QuickFit programming technology lets you select from among 4 ranges of amplification, allowing you to customize your device to your specific hearing needs.
    • Cutting edge Automatic Feedback Control, which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds
    • 12 bands and 4 channels provide smooth, natural sound with amplification only when you need it
    • Fast-acting sound-activated compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment - making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable
    • Features 2 microphones and multiple program settings - allowing you to hear clearly in both quiet and noisy environments
    • Telecoil/Phone setting that is simple to use and makes telephone conversations clearer and easier
    • On-device volume control
    • Lightweight and discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) design
    • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • Have questions or ready to place an order? Call 1-800-655-4838 to speak to one of our specialists.
  • • 6-Month Supply of Batteries
    • Multiple Ear Tips to Ensure Proper Fit
    • Two Vital Ear ear tubes
    • Protective Storage Case
    • Cleaning brush and cleaning wire
    • Certificate of Quality Assurance
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • 1-Year Warranty
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